Hosted PBX Solutions

Included Features

All our PBX Solutions come with a vast array of standard features that traditional PBX’s can’t match without expensive hardware expansions or feature licences.

Live Dashboard

Want to watch your expenses like a hawk? It’s easy with us. Our online Live Dashboard shows you real-time data about your call utilisation and spend. Check the number of calls for the day, your call spend, and a list of your most recent calls all at-a-glance.

Caller ID Overstamping

If you have another phone number you'd like to use as your caller ID for outbound dialling with our service, that's not a problem. Simply add it via our Customer Portal

Call Hold

Place any caller on hold by simply pressing a button

Call Transfer

Transfer calls to any other extension on your PBX with ease! Know another company with MacMedic Plus? You can call their extensions too, without paying a cent!

Main Number Call back

Got staff that may not have a direct in-dial (DID) Number and use one number for outbound caller ID? This nifty feature lets people call the presented number back, and automatically directs them back to the extension that called them up to 4 hours after the first outbound call

Voicemail to Email

Receive an email with your voicemail as an attachment, along with a transcription (voice-to-text) of your message. Want an SMS alert when you receive a call? We can do that too*

Ring Groups

Want to have some extensions ring on some inbound numbers and not others? Ring groups will do all this for you. Define how your inbound calls are handled and where they go should nobody answer.

Music on Hold

Ever been stuck on hold listening to pan pipe music? Don’t let your customers suffer the same fate. Upload your own hold music or advertising to present to callers whilst they wait. We can even arrange professional voice actors for you to promote your company in the most professional way possible.

Optional Features

Are the above features not enough for you? We can create a custom PBX to suit any need. Are you running a call centre? Or perhaps you’d like to let your customers press a button to speak to sales or accounts Perhaps you have unusual business hours and want to set your phones to ring differently based on time of day. These and more features can be added for a small additional cost. With MacMedic Plus, you’ll only ever pay for the features you use.


If you're running separate departments and want callers to speak to different groups, Queues are the best way of making this happen. With extensive options including priority routing, you can set flexible queues to make sure your callers reach the right people, every time


Interactive Voice Response systems are often what people most associate with a PBX. Ask your callers to select an option and route them to someone who can help them.

Call Forwarding

It’s easy to automatically divert any phone to a mobile if you’re busy or unavailable at your desk, using our 24x7 Customer Portal. In a rush? You can also program your handset to divert all calls to your mobile at the touch of a button.

Time Switches

Using Time Switches is a great way to manage your inbound calls when your office is closed. Send calls to voicemail or a mobile automatically after hours, play a message indicating you’re on holidays, route to different people at different times; Time Switches can do it all.

Busy Light Function (BLF)

Use the programmable keys on your handset to display other staff members extensions and see at-a-glance if they’re on the phone. Also useful for quick call transfers or internal calls.

Call pickup

Can you hear a phone ringing somewhere in the office but don’t know who’s it is? With Call Pickup, you simply dial a short code and can answer their call without running over to find the ringing handset.

Cal Spy

Perfect for those who operate call centres or need to train staff. Dial a code and listen in on an extension. This can also be combined with Call Recording

Call Recording

Does what it says on the box! Record your incoming calls for training or quality monitoring. As always, be sure to add a legal disclaimer with your customers advising them!

International IDD

Does you business extend overseas? Add a local overseas number from one of many countries so callers don’t have to pay to call you long distance. Pay one simple flat rate per DID per month, no call charges!

BYO Numbers

We can transfer your existing numbers, including fax, to us.

Virtual Fax

Want to ditch the dusty fax but still offer the option to your customers? With our Virtual Fax service, you can receive incoming emails via email. Still send the odd fax? We can sort you out there too.

Want a quote? Click below to reach our friendly sales staff. We will discuss your requirements without any hard sell to ensure you only pay for the features you need.

* additional charges apply