Networking and wireless

MacMedic Plus are networking specialists. From home users to small business and large corporate networks, we can design solutions to meet your requirements.


If you have an existing network, we can provide an independent assessment of your existing network and advise on improvements or expansion.


We can tailor all sizes of network designs which can include high density wireless networks, suitable for large numbers of connected devices.


With workforces being more mobile than ever, we specialize in secure remote access solutions for your teleworkers via VPN. Your staff can work from home like they were in the office.


If you have an existing network and are not sure how secure it really is, we are able to provide you with a network security risk assessment,  testing just how secure your network is from intruders and external attacks, along with offering risk mitigation and remediation processes.


We partner with the biggest names in the industry including Cisco, HP and Meraki to provide robust solutions for all customers, along with professional setup and installation backed by our experienced support staff.


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